Client Testimonials


"Richard Popp helped me eliminate almost all of my migraines by working with me directly and teaching me techniques to use at home."  L.F.

"I first saw Richard Popp over 5 years ago, when conventional medicine told me I had "permanent" loss of hearing in my right ear.  Thousands of dollars and years of not hearing well later, a MD friend of mine suggested that I see Richard for a cranio-sacral treatment and wellness assessment.  After only one hour of being treated by Richard, my hearing returned to near normal levels."  J.Z.

"Having spent many fruitless years and thousand of dollars visiting conventional and alternative practitioners, finally, Rick Popp has given me tools to address and overcome all my health challenges and issues, including depression, fatigue and stress.  His guidance and special talent for healing have allowed me to heal myself and to regain my vitality and enthusiasm for life.  If you are ready to take back control of your health and life, then see Rick."  Bookie Daniels, Chicago, Il.

"Twenty some years ago I incurred a head- injury trauma that was pretty bad as these things go.  Upon coming out of a three to four week coma, I found myself confined to a wheelchair with speech and fine motor deficits as well.  With  extensive rehabilitation I can honestly say my recovery has been nothing short of phenomenal.  Presently, I am a whole, normal person.  The only residual effect I have from the accident is clinical depression.  I learned that this is not unusual for head-injury cases, and after earnestly participating in several different talk therapies, personal power seminars, and other types of counseling, not to mention seven or eight drug therapies, I also learned that traditional treatments were for the most part ineffective.  I have tried to proactively address my condition for years and experienced no success.  That is until Dr. Kalal introduced me to Richard Popp.  A single session of CranioSacral therapy allowed Richard to identify a few areas in my neck and skull that seemed to be closed or blocked.  After the treatment I noticed something different, and the next day I realized a fundamental change was occurring.  Hallelujah!  There was indeed a physiological basis for my mental illness.  For years I have searched- I was just looking in the wrong place."  M.R. 

"Richard Popp helped my 11 year old physically- challenged son improve his grades dramatically.  He went from teachers thinking he might never learn to read or do math, to getting a B+ in reading and an A in math."  L.F.


"I've made so much progress is due to the cranio sacral therapy that I have received from Richard Popp.  Richard has taught me that for every experience one has had, the positive or negative effect of that experience is "recorded" on the cellular level.  It's as if the cells have a memory.  Part of Richard Popp's approach has allowed me to reconnect with past traumas and release the traumatic effect from the cellular level.  The memory may still be there, but the negative or traumatic effect on the physiology has been released.  This radical form of health care has had a profound effect in my personal healing."  M.T. 

“Richard has been a very important person for our family’s well being for over twenty years. He is an excellent CranioSacral therapist who has healed our friends, family members, and is incredibly intuitive in his approach.” S.R.

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