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About Richard Popp

Certified CranioSacral Therapist

Certified in Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin

Richard has been practicing Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork since 1994 and CranioSacral Therapy since 1996. 



Work Experience:           

July 1997  -  Present   

            Richard Popp CranioSacral Therapy & Alternative Healing

            Des Plaines, Illinois 60016

Owns a private practice in CranioSacral Therapy, Massage and Bodywork,  teaches classes and workshops and a CranioSacral Teacher Assistant for the Upledger Institute.

January 2000  -  March 2004  

           Alternative Medicine Integration 

           Highland Park, Illinois 60035                                

Performed CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Muscle Energy Techniques and various bodywork techniques on a large variety of clients.  Successfully treated a number of symptoms and issues  including: TMJ, sciatica, headaches, autism, childhood speech dysfunctions, hearing loss, physical trauma, head trauma, emotional  trauma, sexual abuse, neck pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, vertigo, eye problems, leaky bladder, hiatial hernia, stress and childhood hyperactivity.  Experienced with all age groups including babies and senior citizens.

March 1982  -  December  1999                  

          Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Project and Team Leader 

1993 - 1999 US Cellular Corporation
1989 - 1993 Cincinnati Bell Information Systems  
1982 - 1989 University of Illinois at Chicago

 Education - CranioSacral & Brain Therapy Classes:


                    Class Title Hours
May   '96 Upledger CranioSacral Therapy I 24
Sept.  '96 CranioSacral Therapy Workshop 15
May   '97 Upledger CranioSacral Therapy II 24
Mar.  '98 Upledger SomatoEmotional Release I 24
May   '98 Upledger SomatoEmotional Release II 24
June  '98 Chaitow Muscle Energy Techniques to Improve Cranial Function by Dr. Leon Chaitow 14
Sept.  '98 Upledger The Brain Speaks 24
Oct.   '98 Upledger Advanced CranioSacral Therapy 30
May   '99 Upledger Clinical Application for Advanced Cranial Therapists 30
July   '00 Upledger CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics 24
Sept.  '00 Upledger CranioSacral Dissection 16
Oct.   '00 Sacred Spaces Advanced CranioSacral Mouthwork 20
Dec.   '00 Upledger CranioSacral Therapy and Immune Response 24
Sept. '04 Brain Injury: Stroke, Alzheimer's, & Head Trauma by Institute for Natural Resources 6
June  '06 Upledger CranioSacral Therapy and the Reversal of Pathogenic Processes 24
Mar. '07 His Brain / Her Brain by Nikita B. Katz M.D. Ph.D. 6
July  '07 Chikly Brain1  Tissue - Nuclei, Fluid & Autonomic Nervous System by Dr. Bruno Chikly M.D. 24
Apr.  '08 Chikly Brain2 Tissue - Nuclei, Fluid & Reticular Alarm System by Dr. Bruno Chikly M.D. 24
July  '09 Chikly Brain3 Tissue - Nuclei, Fluid & PNS  by Dr. Bruno Chikly M.D. 24
Aug.  '10 Chikly Brain4 Tissue, Cranial Nerves, Nuclei & Ganglions  by Dr. Bruno Chikly M.D. 24
Feb.  '13 Chikly Brain Vision, Membranes and Cranial Fluids  by Dr. Bruno Chikly M.D. 18
Apr.  '10 Upledger CranioSacral Therapy Around Death and Dying by Don Ash 24
Aug.  '03 Upledger Applying Acupuncture Principles 1 to CranioSacral Therapy 24
Mar.  '12 Upledger Applying Acupuncture Principles 2 to CranioSacral Therapy 24

Education - Other Natural Healing Classes:


                    Class Title Hours
1993 - 1996 Therapeutic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology at   Massage As A Ministry


Mar.  '93 Psychology of Personal Growth at Oakton College 30
June  '93 Advanced Psychology of Personal Growth at Oakton College 30
Feb.   '96 Manikin Anatomy Intensive at Chicago School of Massage Therapy 9
May   '98 Spinal Touch by Shawn Mossell 11
Apr.   '99 Chinese & Native American Healing by Dr. Harvey Mette 7
Aug.   '99 Barral Visceral Manipulation IA 24
Sept.   '99 Barral Visceral Manipulation IB 24
Nov.   '99 Barral Visceral Manipulation II 24
Apr.   '02 Barral Visceral Manipulation Dissection 18
Feb.   '00 MyoKinesthetic Therapy - Brachial Plexus 12
Mar.  '00 MyoKinesthetic Therapy - Cervical Plexus 12
July   '00 MyoKinesthetic Therapy - Sacral/Lumbar Plexus 12
Feb.   '01 Chikly Lymph Drainage Therapy I 24
Nov.  '01 Chikly Lymph Drainage Therapy II 24
Nov.  '11 Chikly Lymph Drainage Therapy III 25
May   '01 Kinesio Taping by Dr. David Parish 7
Oct.  '04 Fibromyalgia Syndrome by Dr. Leon Chaitow 12
July  '05 Reflexology by Annette Chamness and the Chicago School of Massage Therapy 7
Sept. '07 Emotions, Stress & Disease by Dr. Lori Kanter 6
Oct.  '10 Woman's Health by Institute for Natural Resources 6
Sept.  '13 Emotional Control by Institute for Natural Resources 6
Oct.  '13 Calming an Overactive Brain by Institute for Brain Potential 6


Nov.  '94    National Certification for Massage Therapy and Bodywork.  
May   '99 Upledger CranioSacral Therapy Techniques   


Since 1994 American Massage Therapy Association.
Since 1996 International Association of Healthcare Practitioners
Since 2000 American CranioSacral Therapy Association
Since 2004 Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce

College Degrees:

Dec.  '81 Northeastern Illinois University.  B.A.  Information Science  GPA=3.8/4.0=A
Mar. '79 University of Illinois at Chicago.  B.A.  Accounting  

State Licenses:

Current State of Illinois   
Current State of Wisconsin   


Cousteau Society


Save the Redwoods League



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