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  Energy Healings

During a CranioSacral session, Richard Popp may hold acupressure points, reflexology points, and use other energy medicine techniques to help facilitate a release and help the body to heal.  Richard also offers Aviana Touch Therapy.

Aviana Touch Therapy

Aviana Touch Therapy was created by Nancy E. Schmitt specifically for cancer patients and clients where regular massage therapy may not be recommended.  Nancy is a cancer survivor herself.

"Aviana Touch Therapy is based on the concept that the power of touch can have a profound impact on an individual's health and well-being.  It is a unique blend of massage therapies and healing concepts created to support all individuals, including those living with cancer, critical illness, pain, or extreme stress. 

Aviana Touch Therapy is a thoughtful blend of mindfulness meditation, energy bodywork, trigger point therapy, massage, light touch therapy, and intuition awareness and development with influence by the Native American, Hawaiian and Ayurvedic Healing Concepts. 

This healing modality is designed to support medical procedures and treatment programs safely and effectively.  It promotes physical and mental relaxation that helps alleviate the perception of pain and creates empowerment by reminding the mind-body-spirit of its inherent wholeness and healing power.

=>  Improve circulation and reduce blood pressure

=>  Stimulate energy movement and balance

=>  Release endorphins - the body's own pain killers

=>  Strengthen immune function

=>  Discover moment-to-moment awareness

=>  Promote physical and mental tools for relaxation"*

Richard Popp was trained and certified in Aviana Touch Therapy by Nancy E. Schmitt.

Time:  Aviana Touch Therapy sessions are 1 hour long.

*  Description comes from Aviana brochure.




Science of Energy Medicine

Scientific research on the effectiveness of Energy Medicine: 


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